Pioneers of a complete new consciousness in packaging industry, Since 1985

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About Our Company

Pioneers of a complete new consciousness in packaging industry

Since 1985

Envisioned as the finest in corrugated manufacturers, our journey dates back to 1985. Seasoned understanding of corporate packaging requirements make us thought leaders, quality providers and game changers of the industry.

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About Our Mission

To create an employee centric and quality conscious work culture in order to provide products that meet client’s expectations.

About Our Vision

A great package for each product.

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Company values

Stiff Packaging thrives on a strong value system that guides each day of our work life. We believe that an organisation can grow only when it adheres to a set of values. Our value system can be outlined as :-

  • Continuous Improvement & Learning
  • Direct, open, and honest communication
  • Integrity, Courage & Self-Discipline for growth
  • Accountability to Customers
  • Treat everyone with Respect
  • People as the source of our strength
  • Team-orientation / commitment to each other
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Our Products

And we are in the Box Seat…

We put our dreams in our boxes and paint them.

We can create a range of boxes that are durable, lightweight and sturdy. Our products can be tailored as per the customers’ needs and we are always happy to give inputs that can get our clients the best products.

Master Cartons are shell boxes created to endure transit damage and protect parcelled items inside. Our sturdy master cartons come in a versatile range of shapes, designs, sizes & colours.

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Mono Cartons are single product packaging units which are assembled inside master cartons for shipment. Our mono cartons come in a variety of sizes and colours.

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Made from paper board sheets, corrugated material and other reinforced paper goods, our lightweight, easy-to-carry corrugated pallets are excellent shipment packaging solutions.

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Our die cut smart-manufacturing units offer surface finishes in gloss/matte, lamination, embossing, foil stamping, varnish and more. You pick the colour and choose the design and leave it on us to give shape to your creativity.

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Why Trust Our Client

Leadership in product innovation.

Personal relationships with customers.

Highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing.


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Strong Teams

Professional Stuff

Our Company Employees

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people” - Team Stiff Packaging

Support Stuff

At Stiff Packaging, we deeply value team integrity and rigour.

We are a company without hierarchy when it comes to sharing ideas, caring for each other and tirelessly working towards producing a versatile range of high-quality packaging solutions of international standard.

We are our own milestones.

We are our own competition.

We are the family that serve matchless packaging options in corrugated boxes, India.

Mr. Shahid

Managing Director

With 3 decades of corporate experience & 25 years of excellence in corrugated boxes manufacturing, Mr. Naseer has created a versatile entrepreneurial portfolio, distinct in business temperament and execution. His philanthropy and interest in diverse social cause makes him a true advocate of multifaceted progress.

Mr. Aamir

CEO of the company

Having garnered a fair share of industry experience, Mr. Aamir (?) drives Stiff Packaging to the path of true innovation, excellent quality and design variety for industrial packaging solutions in India.

Mr. Umesh Rai

Commercial Manager

An enthusiastic personality, Mr. Rai has been an associate for over a decade. With admirable managerial skills, Mr. Rai’s business concepts have added much value to the evolution of Stiff Packaging.

Ms. Saloni

Marketing, Sales & PR

A young gun, enthused with sharp marketing acumen, Stiff Packaging under Sana’s watchful eyes has acquired much aplomb in the industry. Her multidimensional promotional skillset has raised the bar of performance in an age of uptight competition.

Mr. Siddique

HR & Accounts

Mr. Siddique’s prompt financial budgeting and forecasting facilitates seamless internal and external audits for Stiff Packaging. He is also the go-to person for in-depth management report creation for the company.


In a competitive industry continuous zeal and means to improve the standards of quality, differentiates us from other manufacturers. It is with intense rigour that Stiff Packaging has championed the cause of “quality” in designing corrugated packaging solutions for India.


We consistently meet the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and aim to enhance customer satisfaction through various means.


Raw Materials checked by technical experts

In-process inspection at every step

Product inspection with respect to specifications

Pre-dispatch inspection quality



Bursting Strength Tester

Cobb Tester

Compression Strength Tester

Drop Tester

Edge Crush Tester

GSM Tester

Moisture Tester

Weighing Scale